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Our purpose is to provide an integrated learning experience which nurtures the child in his or her physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual growth exemplifying American Montessori Society (AMS) principles through coordinated programs for toddlers through sixth grade.

As an accredited American Montessori Society school, our approach is to design an environment that is attractive, orderly, and arranged with Montessori materials and developmentally-appropriate activities. Within this prepared environment, the child learns through active engagement with the materials and by making choices. The teacher carefully observes and guides the child in the process of discovery and learning.

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The following is a list of books we recommend to help further your knowledge of the Montessori philosophy, parenting, and education in general.  These titles can be found at local bookstores or the library.  Bookstores such as Barnes & Noble Booksellers offer a good selection of books on these topics.  Orders can usually be placed for titles not in stock.  You can also generally find these titles from on-line sources, such as or

 Books by Dr. Maria Montessori

                1.             The Absorbent Mind.  Montessori, Maria.  Dell Publishing, 1984.

                2.             The Secret of Childhood.  Montessori, Maria.  Ballantine Books, 1972.

                3.             The Discovery of the Child.  Montessori, Maria.  Ballantine Books, 1972.

Books about Dr. Maria Montessori and the Montessori Philosophy

                4.             Montessori, A Modern Approach.  Lillard, Paula Polk.  Schocken Books, 1972.

5.             Montessori Today.  Lillard, Paula Polk.  Schocken Books, 1996.

6.             The Advanced Montessori Method - The Montessori Elementary Materials.  Schocken Books,    1973.

                7.             Montessori in Contemporary American Culture.  Loeffler, Margaret, editor.             

                                Heinemann Educational Books, 1992.

                8.             Maria Montessori.  Kramer, Rita.  Da Capo Press, 1988.

Other Recommended Books

                9.             Positive Discipline.  Nelson, Jane, Ed.D. Ballantine Books, 1981.

                10.          The Six Stages of Parenthood.  Galinsky, Ellen.  Addison-Wesley, 1987.

                11.          Your Child’s Growing Mind.  Healy, Jane M., Ph.D.  Doubleday, 1994.

Since 1984, when the two members of our sixth grade class became the first class to graduate from Montessori Community School, over 200 young men and women have followed in their footsteps.  Our graduates have made successful transitions to a variety of secondary schools, both public and private, and have also experienced continued achievement at the college level and in the business world.  Many of them are now developing successful careers and several have started families of their own.

The diversity of our graduates has resulted in equally diverse "post-MCS" experiences, but common threads seem to run through the anecdotal comments from our graduates.  Responses to a recent survey of our graduates were varied, of course, but one common thread seemed to run through their responses: a academically strong curriculum that helped develop time management skills was an invaluable component of the Montessori environment.


"The opportunity to dictate how I used my daily class time simulates an adult working environment.  It taught me excellent time management skills." 

"Montessori taught me so many wonderful practical life skills -- especially organization -- which I still feel I use today." 

"I remember thinking in seventh grade that my elementary education seemed to have been much more thorough than everyone else's -- especially in math, grammar and research skills. That was a very nice discovery. Thank you!"

"Everyone at MCS (students, teachers) were very understanding of everyone's differences. I've done my best to be like that towards peers at my current school."

"MCS influenced me to do the best I can; never to give up."

"I felt that the school gave me a chance to explore my interests. I didn't have to do everything in a similar manner to how others were doing things. It was a perfect chance to express myself."

"The most important education I received throughout my life was at MCS!"

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