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MCS Launches 40 Acts of Service Initiative. Find out more here.


MCS Hosts Ceeds of Peace Workshop Sunday, February 10, 2013

Montessori Community School invites you to a special workshop presented by Dr. Kerrie Urosevich and Dr. Maya Soetoro-Ng entitled Ceeds of Peace. To find out more, visit

                           Eventbrite - Ceeds of Peace - Raising Peacebuilders at Home and School

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"Procession of Compassion"


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"Freedom Within Limits"


MCS Elementary Teachers Explore the "New Frontier"

In the spring of 2002, an extraordinary opportunity was presented to MCS elementary teacher Jerry Mueller when he was invited to join a scientific investigation of the ocean floor off the coast of Mexico.  This unique opportunity was made possible by a grant funded by the National Science Foundation, through the invitation of Professor Jim Cowen, former MCS parent, Board member, and current University of Hawaii at Manoa professor of oceanography.

Then in the summer of 2008, Professor Cowen once again generously extended this truly noteworthy invitation to another of our elementary teachers.  Lisa Nakata, elementary 6-9 teacher in Room 2, participated in a scientific investigation of the new ocean floor uncovered by the movement of the Earth’s crust off the coast of Oregon. 

You can read all about Mr. Mueller's and Ms. Lisa’s seafaring voyages aboard the Atlantis – the premier research vessel in the country and mother ship to the manned deep ocean submersible ALVIN – in their blogs (see the links below).

Mr. Mueller's Sea Adventure

Ms. Lisa's Deep Sea Expedition Log


About the R/V Atlantis


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