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Montessori Community School is a not-for-profit organization as defined under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and is governed by a Board of Trustees. The Board has a fiduciary responsibility to the school and holds in trust the school’s future. It is also the guardian of the school’s integrity or reputation within the community.

The Board selects the Head of School and delegates the administration of the school to the Head of School. In collaboration with the Head of School, the Board establishes the school’s long-range plans, mission, and general policies. The Board manages the school’s assets and ensures there are sufficient resources to support the school’s programs. Finally, the Board organizes and manages itself to fulfill its duties to the school. Members of the school community may recommend prospective candidates to the Board’s Committee on Trustees. The Board elects its own members.

School Governance

2022-2023 Executive Committee 

Todd Iacovelli, MCS Alumni, President

Paula Brotherton, Vice President

Kirra Downing, MCS Graduate '95, Secretary

Todd Okamoto, Treasurer


Lisa Browning

Frances T. Gendrano

Jay Hanamura, MCS Graduate '96

Chris Marvin

Annika Perkins

Heather Pierucki

Matthew Raff, MCS Graduate '99, Past President

Jesse Sheley

Marjie Carroll*, Head of School

*non-voting ex-officio member

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