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Extra-curricular programs are offered in order to enrich our programs.  The extra-curricular programs are conducted by outside contractors and are handled directly with the individual instructor or program director, according to policies determined and announced by the individual program instructor or director. Registration for all classes is through the MCS Office.
Examples of extra-curricular programs include:


After-School Care is available until 5:30 p.m. on a regular or occasional basis and is charged accordingly.  Different activities and a snack are provided for the children who remain later in the day.  MCS is licensed by the State of Hawaii to enroll children 2 years of age and under 7 years of age for a maximum enrollment of 126 in our preschool after-school program, and for a maximum of 80 children, ages 5 years, 6 months old and under 13 years of age, in our elementary after-school program.
Programs are closed for Winter and Spring Recess.  Child care is available for currently-enrolled MCS students, with minimum enrollment, at an additional charge for Winter Recess (2 weeks) and Spring Recess (1 week).  Sign-up and fees will be announced prior to the respective periods. 
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