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Where do you want to have the most impact? Find the fund or program that you feel passionate about supporting. Here are the current giving opportunities:


As with virtually every other independent school in the United States, tuition covers only a portion of the cost of each student’s experience at Montessori Community School (MCS). By contributing to this fund, you are providing the flexibility to address our school’s greatest needs. With your help MCS is able to:

  • Equip our classrooms with authentic Montessori materials.

  • Make Montessori education accessible to families in need of tuition support.

  • Offer professional development and training opportunities to our teachers and staff.

  • Maintain and improve our campus and playgrounds to keep our students safe and happy.

  • Other operating expenses.


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Set it and forget it! Becoming a member of the Pink Tower Society, our monthly giving program, makes supporting MCS easy and convenient. Making a large, annual gift can be intimidating. But smaller monthly gifts are much more manageable, and can add up quickly. For example, for the price of a cappuccino, a $5 monthly gift becomes a $60 annual gift. And a $25 monthly gift becomes a $300 annual donation! All Pink Tower Society members are listed in our Annual Report.

Patricia on playground.png

Patricia (right) playing with her classmates

In 1972, Marilyn and Wayne Weber founded the Katrice Montessori School (now known as Montessori Community School) to accommodate the special needs of their daughter, Patricia, who had Down Syndrome. Patricia accomplished much during her lifetime, including learning American Sign Language and hula, and becoming a teacher’s assistant, helping preschool children learn how to read. When Marilyn and Patricia passed in 2022, Marilyn's son, Mark Weber, and his wife Karen, were moved to establish the Patricia Weber Family Fund to help students with a wide range of unique learning needs. By supporting this fund, you help us honor our first student and the family that supported her.


As Montessori Community School (MCS) prepares for its 50th Anniversary next year, it is especially appropriate that we honor the late Jerry Mueller, beloved teacher who spent his entire educational career at our school. Jerry’s 43 years of service to MCS is a testimony to his caring spirit, his strength of character, and his wealth of knowledge as a teacher, parent, colleague, and member of the Board of Trustees. In 2018, he established the Jerry Mueller Montessori Teacher Training Fund to help aspiring MCS teachers to complete their Montessori certification. His fund has already helped three teachers become certified. This year, with the approval of Laura Mueller, Jerry's widow, the scope of this fund was expanded, and now includes professional development opportunities to help teachers stay up-to-date with the latest teaching methods. 

Amalia P.jpg

Teachers who received scholarships from the Jerry Mueller Teacher Training Fund:

 Ms. Amalia Prado, Ms. Sheryl Lomongo, and Ms. Alexandria Sisson


The Children’s Education Endowment Fund was established in 2015, with the support of the following funds:

By contributing to this fund, you are making Montessori education accessible to families in need of tuition support. This fund has the twin goals of diversifying the student body and broadening access to the Montessori model of education across the community. Last year, a total of $48,000 was awarded to 15 families, giving their children the opportunity to attend Montessori Community School.

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