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Staff Survey Results

Survey Taken 5.5.17 - 5.19.17

Mahalo to the 46% of the Montessori Community School (MCS) staff who completed the May 2017 Staff Survey.  This is a good response rate that exceeds the standard benchmark of 30-40% for internal satisfaction surveys.


Staff were generally satisfied with their Work Environment (3.94 points out of 5) and put great emphasis on the Montessori Method and Enjoying Going to Work.


Both General Communication and Interpersonal Communication received high satisfaction rates, while Administration Listens to Ideas and Opinions and Conflict Resolution were slightly lower – two areas that are commonly associated with one another.


Staff feel Academic Rigor and Teaching Quality is high while Facilities was identified as an area in need of the most improvement (although it did received overall positive scores).  These results align with the family survey results which also listed Facilities as the area with the most need for resource investment.  In addition to facility enhancement, staff and families identified the Garden as well as resources for Art, Music and Technology as areas which could use improvement.


Communication was identified as a key aspect to improving overall growth of the school.  This includes communication to all audiences: staff, parents, students and the community (prospective student families).  Once more, we see staff and family responses consistent in the area of School Recognition as each group identified the need for a stronger marketing and communication strategy in order for MCS to continue its growth.


Overwhelmingly, staff feel that the solid nature of the teachers and staff is the best part of the school and are overall highly satisfied with MCS and the direction of the organization.

Click the link below to download the survey results.
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