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Hear from parents who have been there, with the same questions and hopes you have.  

Learn more about the culture, Montessori Philosophy and benefits at MCS!

"What is the 3 year cycle?"

"What has been your experience at MCS?"

"Why did you choose MCS?"

"What comes to mind when you think of MCS?"

"Why Would You Recommend MCS?"

- Kurt Matsumoto, Parent of MCS Graduate

Montessori Community School encouraged my son to develop a sense of community with students in all grades. He had the freedom to pursue his interests through self-directed learning and hands-on experiences. I highly recommend Montessori Community School for families seeking a nurturing educational experience for their children.


– Mei Mei Bayman, MCS Class of 2015

"Next year I will be attending ‘Iolani. I have been at Montessori Community School for about 9 years. One of my memories from 3-6 was when we made tofu cookies. Everyone wanted to help mix and put in the ingredients. When the cookies came out, everyone wanted to try them, but they tasted horrible. From this experience, I learned that tofu is not a good substitute for flour…. I am ready for a new adventure, but MCS will always be a part of me."

– Lexie Jackson, MCS Class of 2015

"I’ve been at MCS for 5 years, since 2nd grade. Next year I will be attending Punahou. A memory I have from 9-12 was in 5th grade when we were choosing Major Research Topics...I wrote all the topics in order of my interest. We picked names out of a hat and I was one of the last 5th graders chosen. I got the topic ‘Space Stations.’ I really didn’t like or want this topic. It wasn’t even on my list, but I actually had a lot of fun with it. I made a great presentation and I learned a lot! I learned to be prepared for anything whenever you can and also to have fun with whatever you do end up with…. I would like to give a special thanks to all my teachers especially Ms. Repp...I would also like to thank my friends for all the smiles they have given me. I am sad to leave Montessori, but also happy to begin the next part of my life."

Reflections from our Graduates

"I remember thinking in seventh grade that my elementary education seemed to have been much more thorough than everyone else's - especially in math, grammar, and research skills.  That was a very nice discovery."

"Montessori taught me so many wonderful practical life skills which I still feel like I use today, especially organization!"

"I discovered that I can adapt and improve at my own pace.  MCS policies were essential in teaching me that I can't be forced to improve at something if I'm not ready.  For example, it took time for me to adapt to high school, but with time, I graduated with honors."

"I can remember things I learned at MCS more than things I've learned recently."

"I think Toastmasters and the small classroom size helped me on oral presentations and speaking up and asking questions in class."

"The most important education I received throughout my life was at MCS!"

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